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Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Taxation Services Direct Tax Related Services :

  • Getting yourself registered with Income Tax Authorities i.e getting Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • E-filing of TDS Returns
  • Consultancy on Income Tax Matters
  • Consultancy on Tax Planning & Savings
  • Consultancy on Double Taxation.
  • Consultancy on International Taxation
  • Global compliance services
  • Maintenance of Income Tax Records
  • STPI registrations
  • SEZ registrations
  • Tax deduction account numbers
  • Services related to withholding taxes

Our Firm has got expertise in dealing with direct and indirect taxation matters including:-

  • Tax advice
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of corporate and personal returns
  • Capital gains tax advice
  • Taxation of Expatriates and non–residents.
  • Fringe benefits tax advice
  • Tax structures: public companies, private companies, partnerships, sole traders and personal
  • Appointment As Client’s Tax Representative
  • Liaison with Tax Office /department relating to enquiries, Tax Field Audit , Tax Investigation and appeals
  • International tax planning
  • Obtaining tax exemptions for charitable organization.
  • Fixation of All Industry And Brand Rate Of Drawback
  • Advising foreign clients on tax structuring and avoidance of Double Tax Avoidance Agreement(DTAA)

Indirect Tax Services:

  • Central excise Services
  • Service Tax
  • Value added Tax Services
  • EXIM (Export Import) Services

Central Excise services:-

Central Excise services:- All the manufacturers of goods have to pay central excise duty and this indirect tax is administered by the Central Government under the authority of Entry 84 of the Union List (List 1) under Seventh Schedule read with Articles 268 to 281 of the Constitution of India. Indirect taxes are a big source of revenue for the govt. and are a big part of the transaction. It is, therefore, critical to understand the factors in such taxes and through appropriate planning, reduce the costs to the extent possible. Indirect taxes like central excise effect a lots of businessmen as they are applicable to activities that span from manufacturing to final consumption, including distribution, trading and imports, as well as services. We offer comprehensive central excise consultancy and the service includes:

  • Registration procedures
  • Internal Audit
  • Review of compliance
  • Consultancy on Retainer ship BASIS.
  • Assistance in Refund
  • Merchant Exporter – CT1 procedures
  • Advise on Accounting
  • Maintenance of Registers and Records
  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual Returns
  • Rendering advice on a wide range of issues relating to excise duty implications
  • Providing the right guidance to enable clients to make the most of excise duty concessions and relief.

Service Tax Services:-

  • Maintenance of Registers and Records
  • Half yearly returns
  • Advisory services with regard to applicability of the tax, as well as procedural compliance such as registration, assessments, to name a few
  • Review of contracts and agreements to help mitigate the overall incidence of service tax
  • Conducting Service tax health checks in order to determine the service tax implications on client operations, gauge compliance with legal provisions and suggest tax planning opportunities

VAT Audit :

The implementation of State level Value Added Tax System (VAT) in 21 states of our country effective from 1st April 2005 is seen as a major change in the Commodity Taxation System. Some have described this event as the most important and radical change in the taxation system of India in the post independence era. The concept of vat audit is popular even in foreign countries where VAT is in practice since long in the field of indirect taxation. In countries like France and Korea, vat audit by independent professionals has proved to be an effective tool to check the evasion of tax, which was mostly done by producing fake invoices.