AJAY KUMAR SINGH & Co. - Cost Accountants

Ajay Kumar Singh & Co. Specialization

Taxation Services

We Provide Direct Tax and Indirect Tax related services.

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Audit and Assurance

Financial Planning Services includes Formation & Registration of Company, Project Financing, E-Filing of documents in XBRL with MCA etc.

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Financial Planning

We offer Management & Accounting Services like Operational Audit, Revenue Assurance Audit etc.

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Management Accounting

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Inventory Valuation and Cost

(a) Excise Duty Levy Certification for various purposes

(b) For credit appraisal by banks Pre-datory Pricing under Indian Competition Law

Antidumping cases

Preparation, Certification and Interpretation of the various formats pertaining to costing of products required under Antidumping & safeguard duty issues under WTO and Indian Export & Import Policies relating to Anti-dumping, both to Exporting and Importing companies.

Mission & Vision